The Making of Gentle Men 2014

Why do we have to go to fucking Gent? Roy Bailey


I am a bit … eccentric? intuitive? sentimental? awkward?… when it comes to recording. I have particular ideas and also a preference for working with people and places that I know and feel comfortable with. I decided I wanted us to record the 2013 version in Gent at DK studios where we recorded the 97 version. There were various reasons for this ‐ we all live all over the south east and north, so there was no obvious area that wouldn’t involve some of us needing accommodation … I knew Rudy’s studio could do what I wanted, and from the 1997 recording experience I had every confidence in Rudy’s engineering and mastering skills, plus I thought it would be good to all be together in some sort of neutral territory, where we could really focus on the work. I also wanted us to visit Ieper, and the cemeteries, to sharpen that focus. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for the visit to Ieper, but all the other factors proved I think very important in ensuring the quality of the work. We worked solidly three ten‐hour days and then enjoyed each other’s company and the Belgian beer etc in the evenings. Rudy De Keyser is a superb engineer, patient, sensitive, utterly super‐efficient,positive and quietly humorous too. His studio is just what we needed ‐ we were able to record all the songs with all the main instruments playing together, which really enhances the organic feel of the performances, and in some instances we recorded vocal and accompanying instrument together too. and Rudy was very efficient at “nudging” any stray notes back into place.
Robb Johnson