2014 Musicians

I didn’t want to even try to replicate the beautiful musical language with which Koen De Cauter and his Golden Serenaders, and Vera Coomans and Phillip Hoessen had performed and soundtracked the ‘97 songs. I was very happy that my friend Roy Bailey was equally enthusiastic about repeating his role as my grandfathers, and again very happy when my friend Barb Jungr said she’d love to be the female voice. We assembled a superb small Kabaret-style band with Jude Abbott, Jenny Carr and John Forrester on trumpet, piano and bass respectively; Linze Maesterosa later added clarinet and my son Arvin contributed drums to our version of ‘The Golden Serenaders’. With these instruments I hoped to achieve a really good balance between continuity and development. I think the result is breathtaking, everything I was hoping for, and much more.

Robb Johnson


Jude Abbott, Jenny Carr, Roy Bailey, Robb Johnson,Barb Jungr and John Forrester